The revolution in pipe joining and blowout prevention

The Universal Solution

BIAXR is the revolutionary joining and reinforcing technology for all pipeline types, from large gas and water mains to small plumbing and irrigation pipes.

Gas Pipelines

Climatologists warn that natural gas is 25x more global warming than CO2. Much of the world's gas pipelines are leaking millions of m3 p.a. Expensive energy is lost and explosions, fires, loss of life and destruction of the natural & built environment are increasing. See Scientific American Report [1] and Report to the US Congress [2].

Water Pipelines

Millions of megalitres of precious, increasingly expensive water are lost annually due to leaks and ruptures. Between 2000 and 2010 22 USA cities lost from 3% to 31.4% of their water due to mains leaks [3].

BIAXR Market Size & Profit Potential

BIAXR is the easy, permanent fix for gas and water pipelines and may return more than $50 millon gross profit within 3 years of market launch. This is a conservative estimate based on realization of 10% of possible sales in 3 market areas at an average gross profit of US$50.00 per BIAXR for large dia. and US$2.50 for small dia. pipe.

Urgently needed in a dynamic, high growth, high profit industry

3 Major Global Markets

Repairs of leak & blow out prevention in existing gas and water pipelines of all types (concrete, metal, PVC, HDPE).

Prevention of leaks & blowouts in new gas and water pipeline by BIAXR banding of fusion butt welds and damaged wall sections of HDPE pipe.

Usage as joiners, pipe wall reinforcers and leak sealers in the plumbing and irrigation industry for all pipe types, large and small diameters.

Biaxial Polymer Technology

BIAXR is formed from ultra high tensile strength,
low cost, recycled polymer, using a unique new patent pending process.

Vice-like Clamping Forever

The BIAXR patent pending functionality permanently clamps to pipe walls & pipe joints. Impervious to corrosion and most environmental elements BIAXR retains full clamp pressure and material integrity for over 200 years. BIAXR is peace of mind, permanently protecting pipelines against leaks and catastrophic rupture at butt fusion weld joins and damaged wall sections.

Opportunity Rich Technology

The BIAXR band is one element of BIAXR technology. BIAXR technology supports the development of a vast range of speciality BIAXR pipe joining, protecting and reinforcing product types. And allows for the creation of breakthrough new products for other industries.

Commercialization Status.

Extensive R&D has been done.

Prototypes have been tested, functionality proven.

A 23 pagepatent specification which includes many diverse forms and applications of the invention has been filed.

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Suburban gas mains explosion
Water mains burst
Nuclear plant cooling water, HDPE pipe
Major pipe rupture
Section through butt fusion weld
Butt fusion welding in the field
Butt fusion weld beads
Failed butt fusion weld - section view
Rocks scratch and weaken pipe walls
Butt fusion welding large dia. HDPE
Unprotected butt fusion welds
Ruptured water main
Damaged when shipping & handling
San Bruno gas pipe explosion
Leaking cast iron gas pipe Boston USA
HDPE water and gas mains
83 butt fusion welds per km
Burst oil pipeline
Gas pipelines are increasing in number
Replacing a section of HDPE water main
Ruptured HDPE gas pipe
BIAXR rupture repair
Laying gas pipe in suburbia
HDPE gas pipeline through rural area
Gas pipeline explosion
Fiberglass pipe repair and BIAXR repair
Slow, messy hazardous fibreglass repair
Hazardous chemicals composite repair
BIAXR safeguarding every weld
Extruding large dia. HDPE pipe
Fractured concrete pipe
Pipe wall rupture